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How to last longer in bed

There is a very trending question on the Internet which says how to last longer in bed. This question has been a matter of concern for all men and women. Everyone loves to last longer in bed which satisfies both of them. There are some techniques which are used by people that help them in lasting longer in bed. Some of those techniques are mentioned below:

1.       Trying out different sex positions:

There are certain sex positions which can help a man in lasting longer in bed. It is a known fact that the side that is under the penis is the most sensitive part and any sex position that stimulates that part enables a man to climax earlier.

There are certain sex positions which can reduce the stimulation in that area such as spooning or cowgirl. This makes a man last longer in bed as the pelvic muscle of a man is comparatively in a more relaxed position.

2.       Reducing the anxiety caused by sex:

Having anxiety while having sex can be the leading cause of premature ejaculation as stress makes a person lose control over his body. Working out on a daily basis helps in reducing stress hormones while hiking the level of endorphins in the body. It is equally important to balance the intake of caffeine that goes into the human body.

3.       Try out some premature ejaculation exercise:

There are certain exercises which help a person in controlling premature ejaculation. It is the stop-start exercise method and the squeeze technique. All these techniques are used to cure premature ejaculation. These workouts help a man in lasting longer in bed and can be practiced even by people who don’t suffer from Premature Ejaculation.

4.       Masturbating on a daily basis or by having more and more sex:

Despite all the myths that one must have heard, masturbating on a daily basis does help a man in lasting longer in bed. The sexual pressure starts building up if you don’t masturbate and makes a man to orgasm prematurely. Masturbating without rushing through it can help a man in training himself to last longer in bed.

5.       Use Delay or Thick Condoms:

There are different kinds of condoms which can prolong the time of intercourse. There are some men who are known to last longer by wearing a condom while some types of condoms give extra strength to men. These condoms are thicker and stimulate your penis in the mildest possible way.

6.       Having good sexual communication:

It is healthy to have good sexual communication with each other in order to have a good experience in bed. Not talking openly with your partner can create anxiety between them which can lead to premature ejaculation. Having anxiety in bed while performing can result in bad performance because of the unnecessary pressure that they go through.

7.       Take your good time:

It is important to take things slowly while having sex. This can help a man last longer in bed. Good foreplay at the beginning of sex can result in better control over the orgasm of a person.

Overstimulation can cause a person to be highly anxious which again leads to premature ejaculation. It means that one should work things slowly when it comes to sexual experience and take each moment as it comes without rushing into things.

8.       Make her Orgasm:

If you help your partner reach orgasm through foreplay, it will help a man last longer in bed as the sexual session will last for a longer period of time. Penetration can come later after you have already helped in getting your partner the climax. This also somehow puts a man in less pressure as he already knows that his partner has had her orgasm.

9.       Using certain gels and creams which are known to desensitize the area:

There are certain creams and sprays available which can help a man in lasting longer in bed. These creams work by numbing the penis for some time which desensitizes the area of the penis.

 10.   Using Pills that enables a man to last longer in bed:

There are many medicines(Sildenafil and Tadalafil) available in the market which can help a man in lasting longer in bed. These medicines usually require a prescription and often contain some pain killers which are known to take care of the premature ejaculation. These drugs have their own set of side effects and can make a man feel sleepy and many other things Read more about generic Cialis Prices, side effects, dosage, work, reviews.

11.   Masturbating before having sex:

Having sex with your partner immediately after climaxing can make him last longer as it makes your penis less sensitive towards sexual stimulation. This works for men and in some cases need a good break before beginning the sex session.

12.   Get Distracted:

Thinking about something which is not sensual and in a way boring can help a man to last longer in bed. A person needs to stay more in tune in order to control what is going on with his body.

13.   Alcohol and Drugs:

There are some men who try taking alcohol so that they can last longer in bed. Some studies believe that Alcohol is known to worsen the situation of a man in bed and the best way to last longer in bed is to avoid taking alcohol or drugs.

14. Taking some organic Supplements:

There are many natural supplements that claim to fix all the real-life problems of a person including the sexual problems faced by people in bed. These supplements can be found on the internet and are easy to get their hands on.

It is normal for a man to want to last longer in bed despite the fact that whether he is going through premature ejaculation or not. Sex is the most intimate experience that can happen between two people and that is why every man wishes to have a longer session of sex in bed so that they can pleasure their partners for a longer period of time.

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